Some Favorite Statistically Improbable Phrases

(Your words are here, authors. The internet has eaten them, digested, shat out the seed hulls and roughage. What remains is an esoteric vocabulary list, number your papers from one to 127 and copy the words down, etymologies, the definitions are due next Wednesday.)

absolute timing
addressing causative factors
anaesthetic revelation
autumn squash
behold yourself
belief environment
biloha extract
blindsight subjects
broccoli rabe
cerebral vascular insufficiency
cham dancing
chasteberry extract
childlike people
chronic candidiasis
chronic hives
cimicifuga extract
classic quality
cometary fragments
commercial mechanic
computer presence
conscious robot
control food allergies
crimson salamander
crude polypeptide fraction
debating courtyard
deflection technology

diluted vegetable juices
discriminative states
dissociated learning
eight medicine buddhas
electrochemical happenings
emotional mind
epistemic hunger
extra string
fatherly conscience
filet beans
first spacecraft
flaxseed oil supplementation
formal geometry
formal scientific method
fresh garlic preparations
fuchsia hedge
garlic fragrance
ginkgo flavonglycosides
government guesthouse
gravitational tides
great demotions
gumption trap
heterophenomenological world
huge thangka
human missions
hysterically blind people
imagined cow
industrial tourism
inner kora
innocent student
intervening motion
inverted qualia
kilometre marker
kora path
kundalini shakti
limbic regulation
limbic resonance
lipotropic formulas
low immune function
magic drawing
mani lhakhang
mani wall
market shoppers
marvelous old queen
mattress phenomenon
medical materialism
meditation cave
moderately optimistic score
monastery guesthouse
mother structures
narrative gravity
negative coping patterns
neocortical brain
neuronal adequacy
olive trunks
other planetary systems
pandemonium model
paradoxical logic
phenomenal space
phenomenological items
pilgrim bus
pinkish glowing ring
planetary society
prayer pole
preverbal message
private telecom booths
prostration point
protector chapel
psychopathic temperament
pure polypeptides
rational faith
reactive dispositions
recurrent canker sores
refrigerator crisper
religious affections
reptilian brain
romantic quality
rotary diversified diet
ruined dzong
samba school
scaling heaven
scarlet penstemon
seasoned oil
shelling beans
sky burial site
spacefaring nations
spatial referral
spiritual judgment
subjective sequence
subliminal region
substantive field
tandem exchange
trekking routes
underlying form
user illusion
value rigidity
virtus dormitiva
volatile oil preparations
white chörten
zhongguo yinhang


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