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Indian Vultures & Drugged Cattle

This is a really great article about what is probably the fastest species extinction event in recorded history (assuming bats and bees don’t outdo them). The repercussions are vast, from religious sects who relied on the vultures to eat their dead, to massive packs of rabid dogs moving in to fill the niche, to a cultural shift toward burning or burying carcasses, a practice which requires scarce firewood and real estate. Typically ten vultures would be able to strip a cow in about 30 minutes, and by doing so they would also contain the spread of livestock diseases. The story has been in and out of the news for at least 5 years now, but I just heard about it. Totally amazing

… and here’s a more newsclippy version for the time-impaired.


An auspicious symbol

Horoscope for the second week of May:
Aries (March 21-April 19)

Your power symbol for the week is an ant carrying a potato chip. It means you’ll possess so much strength that you’ll be able to hold aloft burdens that are much bigger than you. More than that, Aries, you’ll look graceful doing it. And here’s the kicker: That giant load you carry may ultimately provide nourishment not only for you but also for everyone back at the nest.

It sure is a good thing I don’t believe in any of this astrology crap. But I do retain the option to perceive it as a randomly generated message of goodness that just happened to find its way into my hands.

The Secret Poetry of Science Tests

“First we have the sun’s energy it is a nice day without any clouds”

“Rocks are rocks. The layers were formed during a global flood.”

“Some deer die and some deer mate. It’s called life.”

“The hummingbird can peck at things and taste the nectar. And the whale can swim around and see how far he can go and what he finds to eat.”

“Each organism can and does use the ribs in daily life.”

“I remember clouds. They were fun, I guess.”

“The Skull Because it Both looks weird and I Never Seen Some Thing like This.”

“Chemistry is only fun for chemists.”

“When it rains the water hides under the ground and it stays there until the sun picks it up again. The sun evaporates the underground evaporation.”

“Well, there are many reasons why deer decrease over time. One is because their forest is being destroyed and has to move to a new habitat which is not easy of city population and humanity growing. Second, because vehicles that run over poor deers, when they’ll never see it coming.”


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