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Going to where half the land is mine (and yours)

More than half, actually. According to National Geographic, 52% of the land in Oregon is managed by the federal government. Of course we all know that just means they want first crack at logging the shit out of it, but since I don’t own a 3000-acre cattle ranch in Texas, it’ll have to do. Besides, who wants to go camping in a field full of cow dung anyway?

Photo from a postcard via here.


The Year of Bugs and Mosses


Thanks to all who helped me ring in the thirty-second, whether by presence, words, presents, or thoughts. I couldn’t have made it this far without you.

I’m dedicating this year to all the little live things that go so often overlooked. The canaries in coal mines, the ancient unchanged organisms, the green things and crawly things and fluttery things we walk past without noticing … until they are gone, covered over by pavement or pesticides. The good bugs and the bad bugs, the bed bugs and true bugs and pretty bugs and ugly bugs. The ferns, the mosses, the lichens and fungi, the algae and the trillion trillion cyanobacteria. Frog homes and lizard homes, pond scums and epiphytes. The creatures just big enough to swat with a newspaper and those too small to see without a loupe or a macro lens or a microscope. I’m no biologist, but I’m certainly not gonna let them have all the fun. I’ll keep a journal, I’ll write a blog, I’ll take notes and make pictures and put them in all in a book just to make sure nobody forgets.

This year’s for you, Jean-Henri.