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In the future, the hip green children of the First World will fight over high-fashion grocery bags ostensibly designed to reduce our reliance on environmentally damaging plastic bags. Though made of cotton, these bags will also be disposable, but only because their seasonal stylishness will cause them to naturally degrade. I feel a great war brewing between capitalism and ecology, and these are just the warning shots.

We are not plastic bags


The Logic of Reincarnation


Where do all of the extra souls come from? Is there an infinite well out there somewhere, a Strega Nona pot of spirits from which an endless stream of new lives is poured? Or perhaps all of the species we have rendered extinct can be thanked for the sparks in our hearts: Vast flocks of Carolina parakeets reborn as spoiled suburban iPodders, Golden toads brought back to the Earth as indie bands and punk-rock guerrilla knitters? How does a reincarnation theology deal with overpopulation and resource depletion?

Religion has been ignoring public inquiry for far too long, and now the creationists and mujahadeen alike are going to have to look to hydrogen cells and solar energy for their Salvation. Funny, no matter how abstract we want God to be, how untouchable by human hands and well-protected by Book-wielding kneelers in megachurches — he’s always just there, outside, pushing windmills and making the waves crash. We can’t privatize divinity like we can gasoline production, despite our best efforts at encrypting the message and entrusting a select few with the task of distributing it in tiny bite-sized chunks.

Can humans fall in love with ideas, abstractions that might protect and nourish us? Of course we can. It’s just a trick of memory: memories which may have evolved to help us avoid injury and locate sustenance, and which continue to serve us well, even if the food smells like a yellowing photograph and the pain is from telling someone goodbye.

Recipe for Disappointment


Lentil & rice dish, ayurvedic: yellow lentils, coriander, misc. spices

Winter salad: raspberry vinaigrette (rasp. preserves, balsamic vinegar, white vinegar, salt/pepper to taste, whisk in olive oil); fresh salad greens; candied walnuts (shell walnuts, whip one egg white, blend in 1/2 c. brown sugar, 1/2 tsp salt, fold in walnuts, bake 350 deg 10 minutes in single layer, cool); mushrooms; carrots; crumbled goat cheese; pears (oregon best)

Appetizers: asst. pitted olives, wheat crackers, artisan cheese, monofloral honeys (tupelo, chestnut), peasant loaf bread

Wine: Pinot Black (Chile), Garnacha (Spain), Cab Sav/Merlot blend (Patagonia)

Dessert: Ginger Rosewater ice cream, fresh raspberries, orange biscuits dipped in 60% cacao

Sunday 8p, reservation for two three.*

*Ridiculously cute ukulele-playing women should know better than to show up for dinner with news about who they like better than you. It hurt, but I have a memory of a Popeye song that outshines any hard feelings … thanks for being real, Lacey.