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Well-Respected Beards, No. 023: Oliver Sacks is …


(according to Google)

  • not a master wordsmith, but he is blessed with a great memory and a willingness to state plainly what happened
  • not your typical research doctor that continuously tests and examines the subject as if it were not human
  • that he has called attention in America to the works of the great Soviet psychiatrist Aleksandr R. Luria
  • very clear and shows an extraordinary knowledge not only from his field but also from philosophy
  • the same author who wrote Awakenings a book that was turned into a very successful movie
  • right that artists with autism will never develop as acculturated, ‘real’ artists do
  • a physician and author known for his elegantly written neurological case studies
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Get your copybooks ready


Seriously, people, Look Around You.

Happy Colonial Parasite Day!


Today we honor Columbus Day by … having parent-teacher conferences? I guess that’s what happens when our memories get sick and start to die … they switch from being “Celebrated!” to just (Observed). And Columbus has certainly been getting sick lately, hasn’t he? Boy, it sure would be great if we could blame him for personally killing all of the Native Americans. You know, make it all his fault and then sweep him and his precious little holiday under the rug? I guess that’s the nice thing about rugged individualism and the American ideal: when we’ve decided we don’t like our heroes anymore, we can just forget about them and they disappear.

We like leaders who will take us into uncharted territory, give us new ideas and move us forward as a culture. Locate a new continent and we will name dozens of cities after you, including our capitol district. You will be applauded, added to the history books, and on one day each year, all of the 2nd graders in the country will chant in unison,

“In Fourteen Hundred and Ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue!”

And then, when these same kids get to high school, they’ll learn about smallpox, and genocide, and slavery, and war, and suburbs, and nuclear waste, and capitalism, and theocracy. No catchy mnemonics for those, are there?

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Chapter 3: The Cellular Level of Organization


This cell looks like an angry potato-head.

Descartes on Rainbows


Forty-two degrees makes a rainbow, he says in the Dioptrics. But what is a rainbow if no one is looking at it?

Yes indeed I like to read


Levar says these guys write all their own rhymes!

“Oh yes indeed I like to read, cause reading’s fun
not only me (I’m DMC) but also Run
from the front to the back as pages turn
reading is a very fresh way to learn
and if you look into a book you might just say
I had fun (just like Run, DMC, and Jay)”

Run DMC on Reading Rainbow